Welcome! We are an online based music production company that serves independent songwriters and artists.

Helping independent songwriters create momentum, one unique song at a time. That has been our mission since we started back in 2012. We have mastered the online collaboration process and we are here to provide you with a snappy and budget conscience way to transform your ideas into fully produced songs; ready to pitch, sell, or release. The days of the music demo are over. You as a songwriter need fully produced songs that are unique and can help you make a statement! We offer music production services, lyric writing services, remix and mashup services, and consultations.

Whether you have a full sketch our of your song, some lyrics, or just a basic concept: we will help pull it all together and create a compelling song for your catalog or album. Our collaboration process is effortless. The opportunities in this industry are time sensitive. We will get your set up with an awesome song, and we’ll do it within 7 days. We are always work for hire which means you keep your rights!  Check out the introduction video below. Thank you again for visiting. Feel free to explore our site and then reach out to us! We look forward to working with you.

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Why artists and songwriters choose us.
It’s Simple!

We understand the music business.
So, you are pitching for a film placement, trying to get a deal, or simply release your next album? We’ve been there too! We always keep your specific goals in mind to make sure the music is on track with the goals you are trying to accomplish.

No cookie cutter songs. Your identity is #1 priority!
We help you define your identity as an artist by creating 100% original compositions! This is what will set you apart from all of the other artists out there. You must tell YOUR story!

Communication & Collaboration.
Once a client, you will be able to get a hold of us anytime, and receive quick response. Guaranteed. Collaboration is key! We have mastered the process of online collaboration.

Affordable Rates & Options.
We keep our rates extremely affordable. People ask us, why? A big factor to success is releasing material often and consistently. Our rates allow you to do that!

Professional Service & Customer Satisfaction.
This should be a given, but we’ve heard the horror stories. Online music production is our life. We operate SongwritingTeam.com full time and do on average 20-40 songs per month. Our service is proven!

Knowledge & Execution of All Musical Genres
Most of the time our clients LOVE to combine genres and get creative. Blending genres is our specialty. We stay in touch with what is fresh and current while also paying homage to the incredible sounds of the past.

We give realistic and helpful advice to everyone. No unnecessary hype.
You can see by our blog that we feel educating artists and songwriters is extremely important. We strive to give realistic advice and strategy to you. We want you to make the best decision possible!

Risk free.
We are very easy to work with, understanding, judge free, and timely music producers. Try us risk free!

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