How To Find Inspiration For Writing Lyrics

As songwriters, it’s important that we find ways to stay creative. It’s very easy to get stuck or complacent when songwriting. There are millions of ways to find inspiration for writing lyrics. Below are 3 that I really like..

Way #1 – Lyric Dice & Songwriting Tool Kit.

This week we had a client come to the studio from Reno, NV. It was a long train ride for her, and she planned on writing some songs on the way. We were having a conversation about lyric writing. She was curious to know how we are able to write so many lyrics for so many different people. I shared with her a little bit about our process. She was kind enough to then share with me a few things that she uses. She pulled out a tupperware bin filled with all sorts of goodies. It was her “Songwriting Tool Kit”. In that kit was a full set of dice with random words on them as well as a full set of dice with pictures. She mentioned that the cool thing about the “picture” dice is that you can interpret them in different ways. Whenever she’s feeling stuck or needs to be inspired she simply rolls some dice. The combinations are endless. You can find dice like these at your local bookstore or on amazon. Click here for more info on Diceware.


Way #2 – Start your day off with some free writing.

Starting your day off with some free writing is the second way to find inspiration for writing lyrics. For most folks, mornings are rough. A lot of songwriters have to get up and get to a 9 to 5, get their kids ready, etc. It’s hard not to just jump right into the hustle and bustle of the day. Doing this can put our “creative self” on the back burner. Our creative self won’t wake up unless we wake it up. We should wake it up first thing in the morning! It’ll lead to a more creative day. Take 10 minutes in the morning. While you’re eating breakfast or in traffic. Whenever you can. Take that 10 minutes to just free write random stream of thought. Don’t critique it. Let your guard down and just write. I promise that by doing that other ideas will pop into your head throughout the day. One of those ideas may lead to your next awesome song!


Way #3 – Be a reporter. 

Being a reporter is the 3rd way to find inspiration for writing lyrics. Ideas and stories are all around us. They come from people. I’d say it’s safe that most of you reading this “know some people”. I encourage you to drum up a conversation. Simply check in with people you know. Ask them what is going on with their life. Ask them if they have any cool stories to share, or maybe even some sad or funny ones. I’d say that about half of my inspiration for songwriting comes from “within”. The other half comes from stories from other people.


I hope these ideas will help you find inspiration for writing lyrics! As always, if you need any help or advice with songwriting or lyric writing. Feel free to shoot us an email!
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Custom Music Production For Your Business or Brand

Our carefully crafted custom music production.

For our corporate clients is something that we really enjoy. Although, we are musicians first.. Branding is in our blood. We understand business, and we can help you incorporate audio into your project with custom music production. This could be in the form of a memorable jingle for your commercial, or simply background music to keep everyone awake and focused during your presentations. In some circumstances your may need music as part of your product/service. Below are a few case studies of our we’ve used custom music production to help grow brands.


Pro Step Marketing (Charlotte, N.C.)

Pro Step Marketing is a real estate marketing and advertising firm in North Carolina. Their president Tricia Andreassen is a best selling marketing author, and a well known coach in the real estate world. Tricia came to us needing custom music production for her clients to use in their YouTube videos when presenting homes. Like us, Tricia believes that music is an important part of any brand. Music helps set mood and adds emotion to your message. For Pro Step, we created 3 different “Song skins” that could effortlessly be laid behind any video. Her clients can now choose background music in the style of “Uptempo Contemporary”, “Acoustic”, or “Orchestral”.


Study Songs, LLC (New York, NY)

Study Songs is an educational app company in New York. Their case study is interesting because music is their product. Study Songs needed 80 complete songs in various genres that they could retail for the purpose of studying. “Melody to Memory” is their slogan. They started with a collection of albums with topics on “Law” to be used for studying for the bar exam. Our task was to create custom music production that would sound current and catchy. We then structured the lyrics and melody to the songs provided by Study Songs. We were honored to take on this project. They put a lot of trust in us to create their product, and so far the feedback has been exceptional.


If you need custom music production for your company or brand, simply reach out to us. We’d be happy to do a free consultation and help you drum up some ideas on how to incorporate custom music into your message.

How should I market my music as a songwriter?

Hey everybody! This post is in relation to a question that I received from our mailing list. If you want to submit your own questions, simply join our free mailing list at 

The question was, how should I market my music as a songwriter? The patron asking the question also included that he would like some options other than Social Media. Social media may play into some of my answers, but I’ll try to take a different approach and go more big picture.


Let’s begin with the end in mind. Why do we want to market our music as songwriters? It’s safe to say that most of us as songwriters want to make money and make a living writing songs. There are multiple ways to do this. In order to answer “how”, we need to look at the different avenues of generating income as a songwriter. Each avenue has different approaches of how we should go about marketing and promoting our music. Some of the action items may overlap, but lets take a look at some of the different avenues.

*Note: Obviously, the first step is to make sure your work sounds awesome. Continue to practice songwriting, and make sure that your production and recordings are 100%. Also, make sure you are staying consistent and building a catalog.


Avenue #1:How to market your songs to artists and labels. 

I’ll start with the toughest. Although it is the toughest, it can also be the most rewarding when it comes to income and credibility. I’d say this is a little easier if you are both a songwriter and performer. A lot of songwriters that I know who are marketing their music to labels and artists were discovered while performing. If you aren’t in one of the major networking towns, try to book trips their often and make good use of your time. It may be an investment, but worth it. For example, a dear friend of mine works in Seattle for 3-4 weeks and then comes to Nashville for 6-7 weeks and does only music related projects while she is here. If you aren’t a performer, not all hope is lost. What I would recommend doing is teaming up with a performer that you have a great relationship. You guys can travel and network together. It’s in the best interest for both parties. By getting out and performing at songwriter rounds and other popular spots in in networking cities, you’ll eventually make friends with someone who has an “in”. Co-writing with another writer who already has publishing is a great way to get your foot in the door. Remember, marketing to labels and artists is tough. It is probably the hardest way to make money as a songwriter. But, persistence and courage will help you go far. Make sure to look into other networking events such as ASCAP and BMI conventions, local songwriting groups, Grammy events, etc. Set a small budget aside each month for these trips.


Avenue #2: How to market your songs and music for film/television/video games opportunities.

Personally, this is my favorite. Although it is still competitive, it can lead to a nice income. The film, TV, video games, and advertising industries have money. They are willing to spend that money to have music involved in their projects. There are a few ways to market your music to decision makers in this field. First off, again your music and recordings need to be top notch. Also, I recommend having instrumental versions and alternate versions of your songs. You’d be surprised what they may want to use in their project. It may be a 10 second clip of one of your instrumentals. Have these files prepped and ready to go. There are a bunch of services online who help pitch songs for opportunities in the film/television market. I won’t go into those in this post. Check out the blog for posts about those services. I said I wouldn’t include social media, but since social media is how we got our first music library deal I’ll include it. First, you should do research on companies that place music in film/tv. Look for companies that specialize in instrumental libraries. Instrumentals typically place easier than songs with vocals. Start there. After researching companies, I recommend submitting the music yourselves. Find employees of these companies on social media and start a dialogue with them. Most of these companies are open to submissions. Not all of them will be. Don’t be discouraged. There are a ton of them. When you reach out to them, submit the style that you are the best at. A lot of these companies want batches of one sound to start with. For example, on our first deal, we had to create 12 Electro Pop songs. Now, we can create other styles, but they signed us based on our skill set and unique angle in that genre.


Avenue #3: How to market your songs to other songwriters/artists.

You may be asking, why would I want to do this? A few reasons. One. You have a skill, and you can get paid by others to help them develop their skill. Teaching, lyric writing, production, melody writing, etc are all ways for you to generate income off of your trade. Start your own business and brand even if it is on the side of your full time job. I am not going to go into how to start and market a business, but there are a ton of articles and resources online to help you. started as a small idea in my apartment in Los Angeles. I was simply offering my skills to others. Since then it has grown into a primary source of income.
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Avenue #4: How to market your songs to producers and studios. 

Since the beginning of time, artists and songwriters have been breaking because of certain producers. I recommend reaching out to multiple producers and studios in your area to start. It could not only generate some immediate income, but long term could lead to bigger things. As the producer gains popularity, he/se will start assembling a team of talented writers, engineers, and musicians. If you want to step it up, research new emerging artists and see who is producing them. It may cost some money, but book some time with them. Then they have to listen to you and your material. It’s an investment, but buying your friends works. It’s how I got my first job at a commercial recording studio. I booked time and showed the manager what I could do. He got paid. I got to show off. It worked out great. Producers are always looking for songs, and typically have artists who need songs. I know many songwriters that are “go-to” guys for certain producers. It’s a good avenue to put some effort into. This can also tie back into avenue #1 and #2. It often does.


I hope that breaks things down and helps you guys out. There are certainly more ways to market your music. If you have additional ideas, please leave them in the comments. In the meantime, take a piece of paper and and draw 4 squares on it. Put each avenue in a box. Brainstorm to see if there is anyone you know already who fits into one of these boxes. Jot down ideas and an action plan for each one of these boxes. This is a great strategic start.


Thanks for reading, and Keep Creating!
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Lyricist for Hire – Need help writing lyrics for a song?

We’ve got you covered..



So, maybe you are a seasoned songwriter, or maybe you are just starting out. Perhaps you are just a concept/idea person, but want to create compelling and memorable lyrics. There comes a time where we all get stuck. A lot of times it is easy to come up with the first verse or chorus, but can’t refine your bridge or create a second verse that continues the story of the song. You may need to seek outside lyricists for hire. In the real world of songwriting, most writers collaborate with other writers to create incredible songs. Unfortunately, not everyone is a match. You may not be able to find professional songwriters to collaborate with in your area. If not, there is a solution. We’ve teamed up with dozens of songwriters all over the world to provide songwriter services. Part of that is lyric and melody creation..

How it works…

1. We’ll have a pre-production call to come up with the concept/theme for the song.

2. We’ll look over the lyrics that you already have and listen to the instrumental that we will be writing to (if applicable).

3. In 7 days we’ll provide you with a fresh batch of lyrics along with a reference melody recording.

4. We’ll make tweaks and corrections so that the lyrics are perfect for you.

5. All done! Ready to go to market.


So again, if you are seeking outside lyricist for hire, we’d love to help! Find out more here.


And, as always… Keep Creating!
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