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Tips For Releasing an Album or Single

A lot of hard work goes into writing songs and picking the perfect ones to put on your record. It’s obvious that you’ll want to release songs that will generate a buzz, but many artists aren’t sure of the proper steps to take to release their music out into the world. Below are some considerations that will help give your content a lasting […]

Yay, we wrote a new song! Now what?

As artists, there’s nothing greater than the feeling of achievement we experience when throwing the pen down after finishing the last phrase or word of a brand new song! Whether you think its a HIT or just another one shuffled in the pages of your journal – or nowadays the notepad app on the newest smart phone […]

Songwriter Websites – 10 Must Haves

Some of you have websites already and some of you don’t. If you don’t, you need one. Why? People want to know who you are before they reach out to develop a professional relationship. The reality is that looks are important. It’s not nice to “judge a book by it’s cover”, but in the beginning […]

Songwriter Demo Service | Stunning Quality | Hip Sounds

We here at SongwritingTeam.com have been providing our songwriter demo service online for over 3 years. It’s our second most popular service. Our goal is to create compelling and personalized music productions that set the standard for online music production. Budget friendly options help our clients build their songwriting catalogs. It also helps them release albums for often.  If you would […]