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Find Serious Band Members | A How To Guide

By November 20, 2014 No Comments

In this article I’ll be discussing the best way to find serious band members. A lot of our clients come to us either before they start a band or after. The ones that come to us beforehand are doing it right. They want to create some great productions and songs first before seeking bandmates. Most of our clients who seek our help after being in a band do so because they had a bad experience. When I ask what went wrong 9 times out of 10 it comes down to how serious the band members were. It can be tough to find serious band members. So how do we do it? How do we find serious musicians to be in our group? Below I’ve outlined a few tips and thoughts to consider on the best way to find serious band members.


..and by “way” I mean multiple “ways” 🙂


Best way to find serious band members – #1 – Where to look?

When in a pinch, most people go to Craigslist to find band members. It’s easy and doesn’t require much work. I have nothing against Craigslist. It helped me start my business and I’ve been blessed with dozens of talented clients from Craigslist. But, for me the number one way to find serious bandmates is to get involved in your local scene and go to shows. Plan to go to a new show each week and meet the bands that are playing. DON’T bring up the fact that you are trying to start a band. Just hang out with them that night. Later on, catch up with them on social media or via phone/email. Simply let them know that you had a great time meeting them. After you have done this go ahead and bring it up. Ask them if they have any talented buddies that are looking to play in a band.


Best way to find serious band members – #2 – Get references.

You have to treat this like a company would treat hiring a new employee. Do your research on people. Look for musicians who have a history playing in bands. Reach out to their past band mates and get the scoop on them. Was it a good experience or was that person a total disaster? When people ask me how to find serious band members I start by telling them to seek out musicians with a good reputation.


Best way to find serious band members – #3 – Have high quality demos.

People will take you way more seriously if you have high quality tracks ready to present. Trying to sell someone on a whim can be tough and may not attract the best talent. If you have stellar demos ready to go then it gives them something to be excited about. It also shows them that you are 100% committed and ready to get the ball rolling!


Best way to find serious band members – #4 – Be clear, but be open minded.

The best way to find serious band members is to be clear with your vision and goals. If you sound like you are unsure about what you are doing then a serious musician will sense this and be turned off. Be excited and 100% confident with your ideas and thoughts. At the same time make sure you let them know that you are open minded to their ideas and that you care about and want to hear their thoughts. Being a dictator will turn people off. Being open minded shows that you are willing to work with a group and be a great leader.


Best way to find serious band members – #5 – Personality test.

This point is less about the best way to find serious band members and more about compatibility. If you aren’t familiar with the DiSC personality test then you should read about it.  It’s important to analyze your potential band mates and know where you and everyone else fit in. Having 2 “D” personalities in a group may cause problems. On the other hand a bunch of “S” personalities won’t be able to function without a “D”. Egos can run hot among serious musicians, but I truly believe that there is a match for everyone. Do a co-write and find out if you are a good fit for each other.


There you have it! My tips on how to find serious and talented band members. If you are struggling to find serious band members feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to shed more light on the topic.