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The Coffee Break

If you are like me, and have grown up wanting to be in an industry then you know how the saying goes, “If you want to be a musician, doing it is not enough. You have to eat, sleep and breath it.” This is a particularly true statement given the technology of today and how fast music in created and put out into the world. It’s quite scary to think about. It puts a lot of stress and pressure on us which isn’t too great (for most) if we are channeling our inner creative. Having said that, I have been in sessions where the group would sit, write, and record a song in less than 5 hours and it would then be thrown online either that night or the next day.


Most independent artists and songwriters do the above so that they can stay current and relevant with their audience. The goal is to keep them engaged and keep them wanting more. Yes, there is a lot of competition and yes it is definitely important to make your work and craft a priority in life. We have to these days. Practice makes perfect. Although there is truth in the idea that we need to literally give everything the backseat in order to “make it”, we have to remember that just like in any other hardworking industry… we deserve our coffee break!


The coffee break is the best time of day especially if there is more than one. This is the time that we get to disconnect for a minute from the last line of a lyric were stuck on or from searching through the hundreds of samples to find the one that fits perfectly in a track. This is the time of day to chill, let loose,  and remove any pressure. Time to inhale that dark, rich coffee scent and exhale the stale energy – To take the drive with your friends and forget about the session.

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This is also one of the best tricks to beating around writers block!


When you find yourself in your next coffee break, make sure to be fully present and live in the moment, inspiration is all around, the coffee break is necessary.


It’s what keeps us musicians going.


Thanks for reading…
We’ll see ya’ on the next coffee break!


Matthew Fernando (Singer/Songwriter) and contributing writer for The Songwriting Team


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