Custom Music Production For Your Business or Brand

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Our carefully crafted custom music production.

For our corporate clients is something that we really enjoy. Although, we are musicians first.. Branding is in our blood. We understand business, and we can help you incorporate audio into your project with custom music production. This could be in the form of a memorable jingle for your commercial, or simply background music to keep everyone awake and focused during your presentations. In some circumstances your may need music as part of your product/service. Below are a few case studies of our we’ve used custom music production to help grow brands.


Pro Step Marketing (Charlotte, N.C.)

Pro Step Marketing is a real estate marketing and advertising firm in North Carolina. Their president Tricia Andreassen is a best selling marketing author, and a well known coach in the real estate world. Tricia came to us needing custom music production for her clients to use in their YouTube videos when presenting homes. Like us, Tricia believes that music is an important part of any brand. Music helps set mood and adds emotion to your message. For Pro Step, we created 3 different “Song skins” that could effortlessly be laid behind any video. Her clients can now choose background music in the style of “Uptempo Contemporary”, “Acoustic”, or “Orchestral”.


Study Songs, LLC (New York, NY)

Study Songs is an educational app company in New York. Their case study is interesting because music is their product. Study Songs needed 80 complete songs in various genres that they could retail for the purpose of studying. “Melody to Memory” is their slogan. They started with a collection of albums with topics on “Law” to be used for studying for the bar exam. Our task was to create custom music production that would sound current and catchy. We then structured the lyrics and melody to the songs provided by Study Songs. We were honored to take on this project. They put a lot of trust in us to create their product, and so far the feedback has been exceptional.


If you need custom music production for your company or brand, simply reach out to us. We’d be happy to do a free consultation and help you drum up some ideas on how to incorporate custom music into your message.


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