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EDM Remix Of Your Songs – 5 Reasons Why you Should Do it

By February 8, 2015 No Comments

Having an EDM remix of your songs ca n be a very smart move for any modern songwriter or artist. Sure, you may not be a fan of EDM, but you can’t argue against the fact that it is one of the most popular movements. It also generates a lot of income. According to CNN the EDM market is a 6.2 billion dollar industry. It’s time for you to get a slice of the pie. The best part is that it really makes no difference what genre you specialize in. I consider country music to pretty much be polar opposites of EDM, yet Avicii has already had 2 global hits where he did an EDM take on country and bluegrass music. In this article I’ll give 5 quick but important reasons for why you should consider having an EDM remix of your songs.

EDM Remix of your songs – Reason #1 – A cost effective way to add new material to your catalog

Music production costs can add up when you are building your song catalog or album. Typically, commissioning a producer for a remix costs less than creating a new song from scratch. For a fraction of the cost you can now add a new and different song to your catalog that can be leveraged in different ways from it’s original counterpart.

EDM Remix of your songs – Reason #2 – An opportunity to chart in new territories

Is your music struggling to make it on the indie charts? Having an EDM remix of your songs gives you an opportunity to gain ranking on different charts. This increases exposure and credibility. Remember that different countries have different charts. I recommend stepping out of the box in order to get your music exposed internationally.

EDM Remix of your songs – Reason #3 – Additional revenue

Having an EDM remix of your songs can lead to additional revenue. Now you can submit music to all of those sync opportunities that seek EDM music or remixes. For artists, you can now increase single sales to a new market who is interested in your music. Lastly, remember that EDM has a huge live music market. Live EDM shows and festivals bring in a huge portion of that 6.2 billion. Can you say performance royalties? Get networking with those DJ’s!

EDM Remix of your songs – Reason #4 – Staying current

It’s imperative that you stay current. Again, you may not be a fan of EDM. The reality is that it is extremely popular, and dipping your toes in that world shows listeners and executives that you are “with it” and understand the game. Stay on top of trends and don’t fizzle out. You don’t have to “change” your sound or lose authenticity. Simply explore and be aware.
EDM Remix of your songs – Reason #5 – Attracting new attention

It’s a big world with a lot of people. Everyone has different tastes. Not surprisingly though, most music listeners like more than one genre. You never know where your next fan or deal will come from. Having an EDM remix of your songs can attract new listeners and new opportunities. There is really nothing to lose.


I hope that this article has shed some light on ways to expand and do more with your songs. If you need help creating an EDM remix of your songs simply contact us!

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