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How To Find Inspiration For Writing Lyrics

By October 27, 2014 No Comments

As songwriters, it’s important that we find ways to stay creative. It’s very easy to get stuck or complacent when songwriting. There are millions of ways to find inspiration for writing lyrics. Below are 3 that I really like..

Way #1 – Lyric Dice & Songwriting Tool Kit.

This week we had a client come to the studio from Reno, NV. It was a long train ride for her, and she planned on writing some songs on the way. We were having a conversation about lyric writing. She was curious to know how we are able to write so many lyrics for so many different people. I shared with her a little bit about our process. She was kind enough to then share with me a few things that she uses. She pulled out a tupperware bin filled with all sorts of goodies. It was her “Songwriting Tool Kit”. In that kit was a full set of dice with random words on them as well as a full set of dice with pictures. She mentioned that the cool thing about the “picture” dice is that you can interpret them in different ways. Whenever she’s feeling stuck or needs to be inspired she simply rolls some dice. The combinations are endless. You can find dice like these at your local bookstore or on amazon. Click here for more info on Diceware.


Way #2 – Start your day off with some free writing.

Starting your day off with some free writing is the second way to find inspiration for writing lyrics. For most folks, mornings are rough. A lot of songwriters have to get up and get to a 9 to 5, get their kids ready, etc. It’s hard not to just jump right into the hustle and bustle of the day. Doing this can put our “creative self” on the back burner. Our creative self won’t wake up unless we wake it up. We should wake it up first thing in the morning! It’ll lead to a more creative day. Take 10 minutes in the morning. While you’re eating breakfast or in traffic. Whenever you can. Take that 10 minutes to just free write random stream of thought. Don’t critique it. Let your guard down and just write. I promise that by doing that other ideas will pop into your head throughout the day. One of those ideas may lead to your next awesome song!


Way #3 – Be a reporter. 

Being a reporter is the 3rd way to find inspiration for writing lyrics. Ideas and stories are all around us. They come from people. I’d say it’s safe that most of you reading this “know some people”. I encourage you to drum up a conversation. Simply check in with people you know. Ask them what is going on with their life. Ask them if they have any cool stories to share, or maybe even some sad or funny ones. I’d say that about half of my inspiration for songwriting comes from “within”. The other half comes from stories from other people.


I hope these ideas will help you find inspiration for writing lyrics! As always, if you need any help or advice with songwriting or lyric writing. Feel free to shoot us an email!
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