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Hiring Demo Session Singers Online – Things to Consider

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Hiring demo session singers online can be an awesome and convenient way to finish your songs. You may be a producer, songwriter, or composer who is sitting on some great music, but need to add “the center”. A compelling vocal that will convey the emotion of your music and make it connective with your clients, publishers, or listeners. We here at Songwriting Team get hired often to provide vocal talent to our clients and make their songs come alive. We’ve gone through this process countless times, and I decided that it would be a good idea to write a short post that covers what is to be expected and offer some tips and things to consider when hiring demo session singers online.


Choosing the right singer.

This is very important. There are some things that you will want to consider when hiring demo session singers online. If the singer isn’t a fit for your song artistically speaking then the song will not shine. Don’t feel bad if you don’t choose the right singer the first time. It happens. It isn’t anyone’s fault. But, take the following into consideration when choosing a studio vocalist for your song:

  • What key is the song in. Is the singer comfortable singing in that key?
  • Does the singers vocal range work with your song? They might be able to sing high notes, but maybe it gets thin up there. Is their strong point lower parts?
  • Do they like the style of music your presenting? If they do, they will feel awesome performing it. It won’t feel like a chore.
  • Make sure that you have heard samples of the singer that match the result that you are looking for!


Questions that you should ask before starting your project.

When hiring demo session singers online you want to make sure that you clearly understand the process. It’s never fun when there are surprises. Get clear with your vocal talent and producers before hiring the singer. The inter-web can be awesome, but it can also put a communication barrier in between you and the talent. Here are a some questions to ask before starting your project:

  • Does the singer record themselves or will you also need to hire a producer/recording engineer? Does the company that you are working with handle the entire process for you?
  • What does the cost include? Ask if their cost includes harmonies, background vocals, double tracking, vocal tuning, revisions, etc. Be upfront about everything that you will need so that your singer can quote you the appropriate price.
  • Ask if you’ll be getting the vocal multi-tracks. These are the individual dry vocal tracks so that you can mix your song.
  • Have your business questions covered. How much? What is the turnaround time? Is it work for hire? How do they accept payment? Will their be a write up with terms?


Doing your part to make everything go smoothly.

There are a few things that you can do on your side when hiring demo session singers online. These simple things will help the process go smoothly, make everyone involved happy, and keep you from having to spend more money on time to fix mistakes.

  • Be very clear with what you want your final result to be. Provide the producer and singer with a lot of references.
  • Explain the emotion that you want the song to convey so the singer can take that into consideration when performing.
  • Send over a clearly typed lyric sheet with all parts labeled (Verse, Chorus, Etc.)
  • If you have a reference recording with a “dummy vocal” on it make sure that the producer and singer can clearly hear the melodies and phrasing. Writing melodies and phrasing typically isn’t included with a “session vocal”. Chat with your singer and see if they are open to writing the melodies/phrasing if you don’t have that part written.
  • Send a good mix of the instrumental for the singer to perform to. Bad mixes can be uninspiring and complicated to perform with.


I hope this article provided you with some insight on hiring demo session singers online. Typically, going online for your studio vocals can be super affordable and a great experience.
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Thanks for reading “Hiring Demo Session Singers Online – Things to Consider”, and keep creating!