How to Make Money As A Musician (Now-A-Days)

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We hear it all the time. The music industry is collapsing! Ahhh! Well, it’s not collapsing. It’s changing. It can be tough to make money as a musician. But, that’s always been the case for the little guys. Sure, big labels had bigger budgets in the past, but not every artist was signed to a big label. If you were an indie act it was tough. How could people find out about your music? Now-a-days it is easy to market your music for people to find. But wait! Now there is a new issue. There is SO much new music out there and trying to get recognition can be tough. How can you make a living?

You may have heard about licensing or “sync licensing”. This is the process of getting your music used in different mediums such as films, commercials, TV shows, apps, video games, and more. Getting into licensing isn’t an easy endeavor. It takes a lot of work and persistence. It is also very competitive. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to do it. You should be trying to build that side of your business. But, in the past few years there has been a new phenomenon surfacing. It’s a new type of licensing market, and it’s paying out nicely to the musicians that are involved.

Introducing.. “Micro-Licensing” 

Now, I’m not sure if that is the official term, but that is how it was described to me. Micro-licensing serves a licensing market outside of the big time films and commercials. Micro-licensing is for indie film makers, wedding videographers, youtube video makers, web series, etc. The license fees are smaller, but more common and more often. The license fees typically range anywhere from $50 – $1000, and it’s usually split 50/50 with the artist although each company has their own terms.

Most of these companies are always looking for good music and are open to considering your stuff. Now, I will say that I’ve heard these companies are pretty selective. They know what works the best in their market. I recommend that you do some research by browsing their music and getting a feel for their “vibe”. Perhaps you have something that would be a fit?

I’ll be writing more posts in the future on tips about writing good music for licensing. Until then, start listening to the work reels on the following sites..

If you feel like you have some music that fits the bill then I encourage you to submit it. It could mean a nice pay off for your in the future.

Good luck!

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