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So, maybe you are a seasoned songwriter, or maybe you are just starting out. Perhaps you are just a concept/idea person, but want to create compelling and memorable lyrics. There comes a time where we all get stuck. A lot of times it is easy to come up with the first verse or chorus, but can’t refine your bridge or create a second verse that continues the story of the song. You may need to seek outside lyricists for hire. In the real world of songwriting, most writers collaborate with other writers to create incredible songs. Unfortunately, not everyone is a match. You may not be able to find professional songwriters to collaborate with in your area. If not, there is a solution. We’ve teamed up with dozens of songwriters all over the world to provide songwriter services. Part of that is lyric and melody creation..

How it works…

1. We’ll have a pre-production call to come up with the concept/theme for the song.

2. We’ll look over the lyrics that you already have and listen to the instrumental that we will be writing to (if applicable).

3. In 7 days we’ll provide you with a fresh batch of lyrics along with a reference melody recording.

4. We’ll make tweaks and corrections so that the lyrics are perfect for you.

5. All done! Ready to go to market.


So again, if you are seeking outside lyricist for hire, we’d love to help! Find out more here.


And, as always… Keep Creating!
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