Justin Bieber + Skrillex Vocal Effect Tutorial: Logic X Flex Pitch


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Justin Bieber + Skrillex Vocal Effect Tutorial: Logic X Flex Pitch

Daniel Grimmett & Christian Fiore, Owners of The Songwriting Team & Anthemize Music show step by step how to quickly and easily achieve the Skrillex type vocal effects similar to those on the new Justin Bieber album.

In this vocal effects tutorial we’ll be using Logic X and flex pitch but please note that the fundamental approach can be easily achievable in any DAW with any tuning software such as melodyne, waves tune, or autotune. We just happen to use what we use? The tutorial is demonstrated on a client’s song that we’re currently working on.


1. Choose sections of the vocal line that you want to use to make your vocal edit. We suggest looking for “vowel” sounds for this vocal effect.

2. Don’t worry about pitch of melody yet! Start arranging the samples to make a cool rhythmic pattern.

3. Finally, use your favorite vocal tuning software to adjust the pitch of each edit to create your melody.

4. Process the vocals. We like to double the vocals and make a copy that is an octave higher and layer that in. A little valhalla reverb and CLA-76 for compression to taste.

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