Song Remix Service – Why is it important to remix your songs?

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What is it?

Our song remix service is the process of taking your existing songs and re-mixing them in a different genre. Think of it as having alternate versions of your songs! Let’s say that you’ve written a song and had it produced. For the sake this example, it’s a country song. It sounds great, but you’ve decided that you also need to add a rock or dance song to your catalog. Instead of having to write a brand new song and pay to have it produced, you could use our simple remix service to transform your song.


Why did we create a song remix service, and why is it important?

We have been thinking about offering this to you guys for the past few months. Christian is a fantastic song remixer, and we felt like it would be a neat thing to offer. Our goal is to provide creative ways for our clients to benefit and build their catalog. I feel that it is important to have remixes of your song so that you can expand your opportunities. It’s also more cost efficient. Let’s look at an example. You’re building your catalog and need to expand in other genres so that you can compete for a broader range of opportunities.

Here’s what it would cost to get full productions for 3 new songs..

-Country Song – $700

-Pop Song – $700

-Indie Rock Song – $700

————Total – $2,100

Now, let’s say that you are having a month where you are struggling with creating new songs. You’ve hit a little roadblock. No big deal. It happens to all of us songwriters. But, there is a simple fix to keep the momentum going. Our remix service!

You’ve already created “Song 1” and had it produced. It’s a Country Pop Song. To keep the momentum going, we want to create a Dance EDM remix and an acoustic rock remix of your country song.

“Song 1” Dance EDM Remix Service – $500

“Song 1” Acoustic Rock Remix Service – $500

————-Total – $1000


So with that said, if you are feeling stagnant or you would simply like to get more “bang for your buck” out of your current song catalog.. this is a cool way to do it.


If you have any questions about our new song remix service, please feel free to reach out! We’ll have a free consultation call with you.


Keep creating!



To get some creative ideas on remixes we recommend that you listen to current tracks on Soundcloud.


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