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We here at have been providing our songwriter demo service online for over 3 years. It’s our second most popular service. Our goal is to create compelling and personalized music productions that set the standard for online music production. Budget friendly options help our clients build their songwriting catalogs. It also helps them release albums for often.  If you would like to see if we are a fit for your unique project then please feel free to contact us. We’re a friendly bunch!

 Our Songwriter Demo Service Explained


Who is it for? Our songwriter demo service was created for songwriters who have a rough sketch or work tape and want it to be transformed into a fully produced song. Lyricists also make up a large portion of our clientele. For them we create a music track and help them with melody creation and finding the perfect singer for their song. We make music for film makers and theater productions. We also help out songwriters who want to start a band or songwriters who are done with the band scene and are looking to go solo.


How much does it cost? Our songwriter demo service ranges from $400 – $800 on average. We offer 50% upfront and 50% at the end.


How do you keep your costs down? Most other songwriter demo service companies aren’t financially efficient. They are going out and hiring a full band to come in and play on your song. With this said, they must pay all of those people. YOU must pay all of those people. We can cover all the entire full production with 2 people. All of the instruments. Mixing. All of it.


Whats the process? Our process starts with a free phone consultation so that we can get to know you, your music, and your goals.  On that call we’ll determine what you’d like the ultimate outcome to be for your project. Once your deposit is paid and we collect any reference material, we’ll get started. Within 7 business days we’ll build out your production. At this point the final invoice is paid. Next, you’ll spend as much time as you need reviewing our work and creating a list of revisions. We’ll tidy it up and make any changes for free. Additional revision lists are just $35.


What’s the difference? There are a few important things that make us different from other songwriter demo service companies on the internet. Here’s a brief list..

  • Our track record. Many of our clients have gone on to score publishing deals and record deals.
  • We can handle anything. In our first year of business we were hired to create an 80 song project for a corporation.
  • You are number one. We provide extremely great service. We offer 5 star service blended with quick turnaround times and inexpensive prices.
  • Artist personality. We help our clients develop their musical personality. Cookie cutter is not our thing.
  • We stay current and fresh while still paying tribute to the legends.
  • We can create works in multiple genres and do it with authenticity. Rock, Pop, Country, Electro, Hip Hop, Americana, Indie, Dance music, Singer-Songwriter, Christian music, Latin Music, Jazz, Blues, Alternative rock, Eclectic, Metal, Sound track, EDM, Musicals, and more.




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