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Submitting Songs to Music Companies – A Few Tips

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Planning on submitting songs to music companies? You should! The industry is full of opportunities. This article will go over some “do’s and don’ts” as well as some general tips and things to consider. So, what kind of companies are you going to submit your music to? This article primarily covers the topic of submitting songs to licensing companies, music libraries, and publishing companies although some of these could apply to labels, promoters, and radio. Just note that those last 3 typically aren’t too interested in unsolicited submissions. Let’s get started..


Do your research.

When submitting songs to music companies you need to know who they are and what they need. For example, a few months ago we had a co-writing session to create a song to be pitched to the artist Jordin Sparks. I was very impressed when one of the co-writers came in with basically a current events paper on her. He did his research, and we were able to craft a song that would authentic to her if she ever decides to use it.


Give them what they need.

If you are submitting songs to music companies are you thinking about what they need? Anytime we reach out to music libraries we first go through their collection and study it. If they already have a billion rock tracks then we probably won’t waste time sending them rock tracks. We try to find a hole in their collection. If they are lacking electro pop songs then we’ll include in our email something along the lines of “Hey! I noticed that you don’t have many electro pop tracks in your catalog.  Are you looking to fill that gap? I’ve attached a few of our best electro pop songs for your library’s consideration.”

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Leverage relationships.

In this game, you sort of have to be a stalker. Perhaps thats that wrong word. You need to be active and aware. For example, I’ll find out who the personnel is of a certain company that I’m trying to reach out to. I’ll find them on Facebook or LinkedIn and see if we have any mutual acquaintances. If so.. It’s on. Now when I reach out I can say “Hey! I heard about your company through <insert name> and I wanted to reach out.” It automatically builds trust and connection.


Follow directions.

If you are submitting songs to music companies it’s a good idea to follow their directions. This seems like an easy one, but it can be easy to overlook. I’ve accidentally done it myself. Ooops! Most companies have a certain preference for you how should submit your music to them. Do they want attachments? Do they not want attachments? Do they want an entire EPK, or do they just want 1 song. Following their directions is respectful and makes their lives easier. You want your prospect to have a good experience in their dealings with you. First impression is everything.


Follow Up.

Didn’t hear back from someone you submitted music to? Normal people give up and move on at that point. Winners reach out and re-connect. When I lived in L.A. a very successful mixing engineer told me that you aren’t annoying someone until they tell you that you are. Don’t assume that by following up you will annoy people. It’s okay to do. It is also necessary. Most of the time your contact is just super busy. Imagine getting hundreds of songs everyday and trying to find a place for them. 3 – 4 weeks after submitting your music follow up! Touch base. See if there is anything they need that would make their lives easier. This is a chance to probe and try to find out what they are working on.

Bonus: I suggest using a CRM software to follow up. They keep track of your contacts, tasks, appointments, and your song projects. Business use them, and you’re in the business of songwriting. Use one. It’ll make your life wonderful. We use this one.


Well, there you have it. Take these tips into consideration before submitting songs to music companies. If you have any questions or suggestions we are always welcome to them! Leave them in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page. You’ll get awesome info like this in your inbox weekly!


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