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Our clients love us and the feeling is mutual!

[/av_textblock] [av_hr class=’full’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’ custom_border=’av-border-thin’ custom_width=’50px’ custom_border_color=” custom_margin_top=’30px’ custom_margin_bottom=’30px’ icon_select=’yes’ custom_icon_color=” icon=’ue808′ font=’entypo-fontello’] [av_testimonials style=’grid’ columns=’2′ interval=’5′ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=”] [av_testimonial_single src=’1276′ name=’Matthew John’ subtitle=’Orange County, CA’ link=’http://’ linktext=”] When I first reached out to SongwritingTeam.com I was scrambling around with basic ideas of songs I had written in the past months time, and I needed to get organized. I had listened to some examples of their previous works with other artists and knew the sounds they were producing were just what I needed. We were able to get a “plan” down and organized how we would tackle it. So far I have worked with them on about 6 tracks, and could not be more pleased with their expertise and professionalism.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’183′ name=’Andropolous Porter’ subtitle=’Atlanta, GA’ link=” linktext=”] Hi, my name is Andropolous Porter, and I did work with SongwritingTeam.com last month. They really treated me with respect, and made sure that I was happy with the work they presented. They also did a fantastic job with the production. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional team of composers and writers who will give your music the sound it deserves.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’186′ name=’Olga Tsepkalo’ subtitle=’Kyiv, Ukraine’ link=” linktext=”] This is the best song I have done. Thank you! You are the most talented producer that I have ever met. I hope that you will be available when I prepare my next album..
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’321′ name=’Lola & The Wolves’ subtitle=’New York, NY’ link=” linktext=”] I worked with Songwritingteam.com on an extremely personal song that discusses serious themes. I spoke with Dan over the phone even though I live across the country in New York. I explained to SongwritingTeam.com my message and the original sound I wanted to go for. They would then co-write instrumentals based on my vocal melodies. Once I heard our creation of “Beverly Jones”, I had chills with how they captured exactly what I had imagined. I felt the complete genuine authenticity and great efforts through the sound. Throughout the process, they always kept me posted on the status and treated me very kindly when we spoke over the phone. I will definitely work with Dan and the them again real soon!
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’184′ name=’Lady Southpaw’ subtitle=’Brooklyn, NY’ link=” linktext=”] SongwritingTeam.com helped put together my concept album. I contacted them because I had 18 demos that I wanted to turn into pro quality tracks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Daniel was attentive and responsive from beginning to end. He was easy to work with and always went the extra mile to make sure everything met my standards. I am really happy with the results!
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’328′ name=’Mitch Hammarstrom’ subtitle=’Nashville, TN’ link=” linktext=”] “They helped me break out of my shell and grasp a more profound understanding of music..”
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’323′ name=’Roux Bedrosian’ subtitle=’Newark, NJ’ link=” linktext=”] I could not be happier about what I got from SWT. They were so attentive and so easy going, and working with them was an absolute breeze. It’s pretty amazing how quickly they was able to whip up a song for me, considering I had very specific influences and visions. The first time around, I was unhappy with the direction our song was going, and they were more than willing to start again from scratch. Moreover, they were happy to answer any question I had, and addressed every single, insignificant concern I had amiably.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’946′ name=’KLYD’ subtitle=’Los Angeles, CA’ link=” linktext=”] I’m very pleased to have worked with Songwriting Team on my first project. Very insightful and on point with every idea that was brought forward. To see my ideas, and the ideas we discussed before, the recording and instruments come to life is amazing. They were very helpful and kind in answering any questions I had. I look forward to the next few songs and the creativity they will put into them. This is a great experience and I’d recommend them to any artist looking to give their music ideas some life.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’947′ name=’Study Songs, LLC’ subtitle=’New York, NY’ link=” linktext=”] I can’t say enough good things about songwritingteam.com!  I hired this team to embark on an extremely challenging project; I wrote seventy songs, the lyrics of which were extremely complicated and convoluted.  Without being given much flexibility, the team had to create melody and vocals to each of these songs, under a tight and pressured deadline.  That most people would find this project challenging is an understatement.  But the songwriting.com team embraced the challenge and seamlessly delivered an outstanding product.  The talent of the team members is truly unbelievable and immeasurable.  Beyond the talent, the team consistently displayed the utmost professionalism.  Without hesitation, they fine tuned every detail until perfection was reached in each and every song.  So satisfied with their work on my business project, I also hired the songwritingteam.com team to create a personal song for me.  Consistent with my experience with the team, I was amazed and absolutely impressed with the talent and professionalism that went into my single song.  In terms of pricing, the team could not have been more fair or honest.  You will be hard pressed to find someone of this caliber who also possesses these qualities.  You would be foolish to use anyone else!
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Phyllis Philipps’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”] Songwritingteam.com delivered everything as promised on their website and more. They created accompaniment to three songs for an upcoming musical and  captured the feel of the songs on the first go with no need for revision.  They met or exceeded their deadlines and created a quality product for a very reasonable price.  They were terrific to work with and everything was done online except the initial phone call. Will be using them again in the near future.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’2156′ name=’G Matthews’ subtitle=’Los Angeles, CA’ link=” linktext=”] I am at a loss for words because this team is just that amazing!  After searching everywhere for help with track composition…these guys were the best. They listened to my ideas and made tracks tailored uniquely to my vibe! Quick, easy, fair, and talented team. So good I keep coming back for more.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’332′ name=’Samantha Rokka’ subtitle=’Destin, FL’ link=” linktext=”] I love how they kept me informed every step of the way! I’ve done nearly 20 songs with SWT and they’ve all been great!
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