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Tips For Releasing an Album or Single

A lot of hard work goes into writing songs and picking the perfect ones to put on your record. It’s obvious that you’ll want to release songs that will generate a buzz, but many artists aren’t sure of the proper steps to take to release their music out into the world.
Below are some considerations that will help give your content a lasting and confident impression…


Complete your work:


Before you book studio time to record, and especially before you set a release date, its important to be sure that you’ve completely finished your songs and planned out exactly what you will be doing in the studio. There are plenty of things that could go unplanned and could set you back if you’ve already committed to your audience about a release. Make sure your rocking’ and ready to go! Don’t disappoint your audience by breaking a promise.

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Set Up Your Digital Distribution:


Most of the time your goal will be to sell your music. So where can fans buy it? Physical distribution is hard to get and arguably not that important for an un-earthed artist. Most indie artists turn to digital distribution. There are a few notable services that help acts to distribute their work to the major music services; Ditto Music (  is who we recommendation using.  They make it easy and affordable for you to sell your music while keeping 100% of your royalties and place your work on streaming and market platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Amazon etc.


Reach Out to Blogs Ahead of Time


Many artists and producers have utilized the power of music blogs and their fanbase to showcase their work and find more supporters. Its best to research the blogs before hand, allow at least  2-3 months before your planned release, create your relationship, introduce yourself and tell them why your project is important. It’s also best to find out which genre they specifically feature as you don’t want to reach out to ones that don’t fit your criteria.


Consider Hiring a PR Company


PR Companies help you tell your story and amplify your message. They can also help market and promote your campaign to online media sources that will expose you to more potential fans and “customers” of your music! is a great PR firm with a proven track record! Please note that there are a lot of rip-off PR companies out there. If they are promising radio spins, have no credibility or case studies, or are inexpensive (under $1000) then they probably aren’t legit. Do your research!


Social Media Influencers


It’s important to have your work shown for all to see online; which also makes it important to connect to social media influencers and rally your supporters who will be happy to share your content. Reach out to as many people as you can and see if they are willing to share. Don’t ask strangers. Ask friends. Plan a day where everyone will share it. The release date makes sense. Lastly, don’t spam your content out, but to instead make it desirable! Get creative, you are an artist.


Tease Your Audience:


Giving your audience a sneak peak at your work with a snippet or promo video can definitely create an interest in what you have been working so hard on. We recommend announcing your single release about a month before hand. Release a “teaser” 2 weeks ahead of time. The final week… do a countdown or something fun everyday on social media to drive it home. Behind the scenes footage also makes very cool promo materials.


Promotional Tools:


It’s important to have content aside from the product itself to keep your audiences attention. Make a cool lyric video or music video for your best single. Your fans will love to share it! When sharing, think of a cool way to capture attention without seeming needy. Also, you can create simple and affordable merchandise to either give away or sell. Brand your song or album. Create t-shirts, bracelets, stickers, and other merchandise that represent the brand of your project. Sell a package that includes your album, shirt, etc. Super fans love that stuff! Give them tangible products to buy in addition to your music.


Follow Up:


Reach out to your network, followers, and fans. Find out if they are enjoying your music, find out what they like, what they don’t like, and take the criticism to better yourself as an artist.


There are many more tips for releasing an album or single, but the above will get you started. If you have any of your own tips to add then simply put them in the comments below.


Keep Creating,
Matt Fernando
Operations Manager


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