In the market to buy custom beats? Many artists, primarily in the hip hop and pop world, start their career by licensing beats for their songs. This is a great option because it keeps costs low. The downside is that other artists can also use those beats. At some point you may decide that you want to buy custom beats and have them handcrafted to your exact specifications. So how do you buy custom beats? First, you’ll want to figure out what your budget will be. Do some research and recount those dollars in your piggy bank. Custom beats can range anywhere from $300 – $3000. A sweet spot is between $500 – $1000 we’ve found. For example, the instrumental marketplace charges just $600 for fully custom instrumentals. They primarily work with indie pop, electro hop, and hip hop artists. After you’ve set your budget it’s time to find a producer to buy custom beats from. You could simply start by searching on google or Youtube. Use search terms such as “indie pop producer online” or if you are influenced by certain artists search for “Taylor Swift Type Beat” for example. There are tons of talented producers that you can buy custom beats from. But, not all of these producers are the same. You’ll want to go with a producer who has a track record and experience with working online.  We’ve found that a lot of producers suck at the online collaboration process. Although their leasing site may do well… They lack the business and customer service skills to accomplish a successful online project. Choose carefully when purchasing custom instrumentals for your project. Does the producer have a website? Does that website look professional? What’s their track record like? Do they even offer a “buy custom beats” option? What genres do they cover? Ask about their process. For example has a solid process for custom work. They start with a pre-production call. Then they collaborate with you and within 7-10 business days will complete your song. Then they will do revision rounds to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you don’t they offer a 100% money back guarantee.