Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Songwriting Team?

The Songwriting Team is a web-based music production company that works with artists, brands, and labels all over the world through online collaboration. Our difference is that we hand-pick a unique team of talent for EACH of our clients to ensure that they get the best.

What kind of clients do you guys work with?

We have experienced just about EVERY kind of project you can think of, and it’s been awesome! The Songwriting Team has worked with… YouTube channels, major TV networks, independent artists, producer/DJs, app companies, video game companies, government organizations, bands, music licensing companies, record/management companies, and many more.

Is there a specific type of genre that you work with?

We create commercial and “marketable” music for are clients. That’s it. What we create for our client’s isn’t bound by genre. Since our team is so vast we have backgrounds in rock, EDM, country, pop, eclectic, indie, blues, hip hop, acoustic, and more. We DON’T however do much jazz, metal, or classical music.

What are your rates?

Our rates vary by the scope of the project. We don’t believe in setting a flat rate price before knowing what your needs are for the project. That doesn’t give us leverage when we go to put together your perfect team. We prefer to discuss a rate that is fair for us and fair for you. If you would like to inquire about rates then simply fill out the project planner. It’s a “no pressure” quote.

Are you available in my country?

We are an online collaboration company – so yes! We have successfully collaborated with clients like you in nearly 30 countries.

How do you hand-pick the best creative team for me?

We have a huge network of talented creators that bring a lot of different things to the table. After we discuss the needs of your project… I send out an email to my network and then myself and an assistant comb through and I find the best people for your project. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything. We (The Songwriting Team) act as the executive producer and manage the creative project, negotiate rates with the talent, and see the project through to completion.

What services can you offer?

We offer many services based on what we need to help you fully complete your project. Here is a short list: Song/beat production, mixing, remixing, ghost production, instrument recording, mastering, vocalists, songwriting, branding, web, marketing, and consulting.

Do I own the song that you create for me?

Although every project is different… In most cases we are hired on a “work for hire” basis. This means that you own the rights to the master recording and song. In some cases we do partner with specific clients (after we have built a relationship) for the purpose of pitching or licensing.

Do you offer payment plans?

We typically split the costs into 2 payments… a 50% deposit and then 50% upon completion. If it is a larger project (over $2,000) then we may consider a payment plan.

How does online collaboration work? Process? Payments?

We make the collaboration process personal and efficient. There are many tools that we use to communicate, take secured payments, and creatively collaborate on your song. We will discuss how the process works in detail on your first call with us.

Where are you located?

Since our company is web-based, we’ve moved around quite a bit. The Songwriting Team was born in Los Angeles, then was based in Nashville. Currently our headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC (about 6 hours from Nashville and 4 hours from Atlanta).

Do you offer jobs or careers?

Yes! We are always looking for talented songwriters, producers, engineers, and more. Please visit this link if you would like access to our job board.

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