Are you a busy producer or DJ? It might be time to hire a ghost producer. What is a ghost producer? A ghost producer is a behind the scenes producer who is typically work for hire. They produce songs that ultimately to the public will be released under the DJ or Producer’s title that they are working for. Why hire a ghost producer? There are many reasons to hire a ghost producer. One, if you are extremely busy performing then it is tough to get in the studio to create new music. This way you have a constant stream of new music that you can release to your audience. Another reason to hire a ghost producer is to expand into new genres. Are you a deep house producer that wants to release a dubstep song? A ghost producer that specializes in dubstep can help get the song started for you and make sure that it sounds authentic. Other things a ghost producer may be able to provide is sound design services. Essentially, they could design custom sounds for you in Sylenth, Arturia, Massive, and other software synths that you may use. If you want to hire a ghost producer then there are a few things you’ll need to consider in your search to find the best match. Is the ghost producer willing to sign an agreement that prevents them from coming public? What styles of music do they produce? Are they trust worthy? Do they have a website that looks good? Here at SongwritingTeam.com we have a ton of ghost producers who are ready to consistently feed you market ready music. When you are ready to hire a cost producer simply reach out to us or fill out the form below. We’ve completed over 400 projects online and have mastered the online collaboration process!

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