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Mark Eckert Reveals His Instagram Tips for Music Producers

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INTRO – Instagram Tips for Music Producers

There are so many ways to attract new clients on the web. This week we interviewed 21 year old producer Mark Eckert. Not living in a “music town” hasn’t held this young indie pop producer back at all because a high percentage of his work is done virtually on the web! In this interview Mark chats about how he uses Instagram for attracting new clients clients. He also offers some great tips for you to try yourself!

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Who are you, what do you do, and where are you based?

My name is Mark Eckert. I am a producer and drummer specializing in indie pop. Currently in Charlotte, N.C.

What percentage of your business is local versus long distance?

On an average month, approximately 90% of the artists I work with are long distance.

How are you attracting long distance clients?


Really?? Do you have a strategy for Instagram or did it just happen that way?

I’d say a combination of both. Initially, I was just on Instagram so I could post pictures and videos of my productions, so it could post to Facebook. However, Instagram became a bit more search friendly, and as soon as direct messaging was made available, I had a few inquiries sitting in my box within a month. Once I had enough inquiries that I could basically pay my rent, I thought “Hey, this is DEFINITELY something I need to capitalize on.”

What tips would you give another music producer/songwriter if they wanted to attract clients on Instagram? Any secrets or techniques?

Sure! No secrets really. I’d say there are at least 5 main things that everyone should know.

YOUR BIO. In these 150 characters, potential clients need to know who you are, what you kick ass in, something personal and relatable, and where you are located. Lastly they need to know how to contact you (and it must be through a seemingly professional channel.)
Quality & Consistency. Your pictures and videos must look consistent, and look good. If you go to my channel (@markeckert) all of my pictures have somewhat high contrast, really bright whites, very dark dark’s, and are typically very crisp. *This is a visual generation, you must appeal to them!*
Be yourself. Make relatable posts so people feel like they’re your friend. Don’t come across as unapproachable, even if you really are too cool for school.
Like pictures tagged in the field you specialize in. Don’t be afraid to seek THEM out.
Ratio. Although you’re marketing yourself as a producer (or anything you do) make sure to include a personal post sometime. 5 to 1, 10 to 1, whatever you want. Remind people that you’re a cool and humble person too. Don’t be all business. For the most part, most of my inquiries included how they were drawn to working with me because I seemed like a nice guy, AND they liked my sound. Not the other way around.

Any Apps that you find helpful for making your Instagram look more pro?

Yes! I dig SnapSeed and VSCO Cam

What projects are you really excited about right now?

Mouth Sounds. A record I’ve been working on for a year with a local artist. Also I have a single I’m working with Tramayne Tirrell out of LA. Sounds like Broods and Chvrches, with male vocals. Stoked about that.

What does your near future have in store?

Finishing up Mouth Sounds and a few singles. Then working on 15+ songs for a personal project that will enable indiepop, synth pop, and other artists to buy original music. (Among other services.)

Also gonna travel the world. Whoop!




To find out more about Mark and see his Instagram tips for music producers put into action… I suggest following him: @markeckert

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