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How To Rank Your Home Recording Website On Google (Get More Clients)

By December 7, 2015 No Comments

I’ll be doing a lot of articles how a great website for your home recording is imperative for getting clients. It’s your first impression. It’s the first place potential clients will look (the internet). If someone Google’s recording studios in your town will they find you? If the answer is no then it’s time to get to work. Now, I will say that if you live in a highly populated area than this can be harder (but not impossible). Here are a few tips for getting your home recording studio website ranking on Google…

#1 – Use an SEO friendly website platform such as WordPress. “All in one” sites like Wix & Square Space are going to have a hard time ranking compared to WordPress in my experience.

#2 – Use the YOAST SEO plugin on WordPress to make sure that your pages are optimized for SEO rankings. It’s very simple to use!

#3 – Create SEO pages often. These are typically “hidden” pages (not in your main menu) that are obviously going after key words. Also, keep up with your blog posts. Google loves websites that are relevant. 

#4 – Get creative with your keywords. Use a keyword search tool if you’d like. Most importantly, think about what your audience is searching for. Is it “Charlotte NC Recording Studios”, “Rock Studios In Charlotte”, “Rap Producers in North Carolina”, etc. etc. 

#5 – If you are in a heavily populated area then opt for going after longer and more niche keywords such as “indie rock recording studio in Los Angeles with parking” (lol) 

So, there you have it. How to rank your home recording website on Google and get more local clients. To wrap up, if your home recording studio doesn’t have a website then you’re crazy. If you have a website but people aren’t finding it then it’s a waste. I encourage you to take your home recording studio website very seriously here in the modern age. Dig in and make it the best it can be. For deeper information on home recording studio business strategy go here. Thanks for reading! Comments? Thoughts? What’s worked for you?